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Table of Contents

Getting Started
Logging on to the TRITON console
Logging on with RSA® SecurID authentication
Logging on with certificate authentication
Security certificate alerts
TRITON console session time outs
Navigating in the TRITON console
Managing your account through the MyWebsense Portal
Websense technical support
Configuring TRITON Settings
Viewing your account information
Setting user directory information
Introducing administrators
Global Security Administrator
TRITON administrators
Enabling access to the TRITON console
Adding a local account
Adding a network account
Editing a local account
Editing a network account
Setting email notifications
Configuring two-factor authentication
How does RSA SecurID authentication work?
Creating a custom agent for RSA SecurID authentication
Test Connection to RSA Manager results
How does certificate authentication work?
Deploying the master certificate file
Setting up attribute matching
Audit log
Accessing Appliances
Managing appliances
Registering an appliance
Editing appliance details
Configuring an existing appliance for single sign-on
Backup and Restore of TRITON Data
Scheduling TRITON infrastructure backups
Running immediate backups
Restoring TRITON infrastructure backup data
Changing backup settings
Synchronizing TRITON infrastructure and Web Security backups

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