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Summary reports
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Initially, the investigative reports page gives a summary report of usage for all users by risk class, showing the current day's activity from the Log Database. The measurement for this initial bar chart is Hits (number of times the site was requested). To configure the time period for this initial summary report, see Database connection and report defaults.
Use the links and options on the page to quickly change the information reported, or drill down into the report details.
Options vary according to the contents of the Log Database and certain network considerations. For example, if there is only one group or domain in the Log Database, Groups and Domains do not appear in this list. Similarly, if there are too many users (more than 5,000) or groups (more than 3,000), those options do not appear. (Some of these limits can be configured. See Display and output options.)
The options listed are similar to those listed under Internet Use by, customized to be a meaningful subset of the content currently displayed.
For example, on a Risk Class summary report, clicking by User under the Legal Liability risk class generates a report of each user's activity in the Legal Liability risk class.
Beside the Internet use by list is a path showing the selections that created the current report. Click any link in the path to return to that view of the data.
As you change this selection, the View from fields update to reflect the time period being viewed.
The View field displays Custom, instead of a time period, if you choose specific date in the View from fields or through the Favorites dialog box.
When the bar chart is active, click Pie Chart to display the current summary report as a pie chart. Click the slice label to display the same options that are available when you click an entry in the left column of the bar chart.
When the pie chart is active, click Bar Chart to display the current summary report as a bar chart.
Click Anonymous to have reports display an internally-assigned user identification number wherever a user name would have appeared.
When names are hidden, click Names to return to showing user names.

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