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Scheduling investigative reports
Web Security Help | Web Security Solutions | Version 7.8.x
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You must save an investigative report as a Favorite before it can be scheduled to run at a later time or on a repeating cycle. When the scheduled report job runs, the resulting reports are sent via email to the recipients you designate. As you create scheduled jobs, consider whether your email server will be able to handle the size and quantity of the attached report files.
Scheduled report files are stored in the following directory:
The default installation path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Websense\Web Security. If the scheduled job has only one recipient, <name> is the first portion of the email address (before the @). In the case of multiple recipients, the reports are saved in a directory called Other.
Click Favorite Reports to display a list of reports saved as favorites.
Click Schedule to create a scheduled report job, and then provide the information requested on the Schedule Report page.
It is advisable to schedule report jobs on different days or at different times, to avoid overloading the Log Database and slowing performance for logging and interactive reporting.
Use the Additional Email Addresses field to add the appropriate addresses to this list.
Enter an email address, and then click Add to put it on the Email to list.
PDF: Portable Document Format files are viewed in Adobe Reader.
Excel: Excel spreadsheet files are viewed in Microsoft Excel.
All Dates: all available dates in the Log Database.
Relative: Choose a time period (Days, Weeks, or Months) and the specific period to include (This, Last, Last 2, and so on).
Specific: set specific dates or a date range for the reports in this job.
Click Next to display the Schedule Confirmation page.
Click Save to save your selections and go to the Job Queue page (see Managing scheduled investigative reports jobs).

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