If you try to install Web Endpoint on a machine where Data Endpoint is already installed, the installation process will not work. To deploy both endpoints on a single machine, first uninstall the Data Endpoint, then follow the instructions below to deploy a joint installation package.
The Web and Data Endpoints can only be deployed together on Windows operating systems.
Remove the commented section <!-- WISEMETA: default="https://[IPADDRESS]/EP/EndpointServer.dll"-->
Replace the IP address with the IP or host name of the Data Security server that you want the Data Endpoint to connect to. We recommend you use HTTPS for this connection.
WSCONTEXT=xxxxxx is the unique code for your Web Endpoint, noted from the Hybrid User Identification page in TRITON - Web Security, or from the Endpoint download page in Hosted Web Security. The code is required during installation to associate the endpoint with your customer account and enable your end users to log on transparently.
You can install the endpoints manually on a single machine by opening a command-line window, navigating to the location of the unzipped endpoint files, and running the above command. Alternatively you can deploy the joint endpoint package via an Active Directory group policy object:
Create a batch file (.bat) in the shared folder, for example "installmsi.bat". This can be done in any text editor. The batch file will contain a login script to enable the endpoints to be installed via GPO.
Where path is the path to the joint Web and Data Endpoint installer.
Test your batch file manually to make sure it runs on other workstations. You can do this by opening the server path to the file on a workstation and attempting to run the file. If the file does not run, check your permissions.
In the console tree, right-click Group Policy Objects in the forest and domain in which you want to create a Group Policy object (GPO).
Click New.
In the New GPO dialog box, specify a name for the new GPO, and then click OK.
In the editor window, open User Configurations > Windows Settings > Scripts, and double-click Logon in the right pane of the screen.
Click Add.
In the Script Name field type the full network path and filename of the script batch file you created in step 2.
Expand the OU and right-click the shortcut to your GPO script. Select Enforced. This ensures that any domain user belonging to the selected OU will automatically run this script during system login.
For Web Endpoint, go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Check that "Websense SaaS Service" is present in the Services list, and is started.
When the Data Endpoint is installed, an icon appears on the endpoint machine's task bar. Click this icon for status information.
For more information on Web Endpoint, see Setting up Web Endpoint in the Hosted Web Security Getting Started Guide, and Deploying Web Endpoint in the TRITON - Web Security Help.