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Text and Language tab
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When a report is requested or scheduled for delivery, Forcepoint Email Security Cloud sends an email message that includes the personal email subscription report. To edit the text that appears in the email message, select Email > Messages > Personal Email Subscriptions, then go to the Text and Language tab.
Click Add to select a language for which you want to customize the text. Then follow the steps described below.
On the resulting screen:
From the Language drop-down menu, select the language you wish to use.
Clear the Use the default value boxes.
Click Submit.
If you do not have any report content selected, an error results. Return to the Personal Email Subscriptions page, click Edit, check some boxes under Report content and try again. If the submission is accepted, Edit Source buttons appear.
Click Edit Source to customize the message text that appears at the top or bottom of the message. This allows you to edit the HTML source code for the message.
You can also include predefined keywords in the text (for example, _TOTAL_RECEIVED_). When the report is generated, keywords are substituted with data, such as the total number of messages received.
To view the keywords that are available for substitution, click View available keyword substitutions. Click a keyword to paste it into the cursor position in the active field.
Click Submit.
To put your customizations into effect, click Enable this customization, then click Submit. If you do not click Enable this customization, the text set for the default account is used. Click Edit to go back and edit the check boxes for email subject and Enable this customization.
Choose another language to edit if desired and customize the message for that language in the same way. Be sure to enable it before you submit it if you want it to take effect.
New languages that you add appear on the Text and Language tab page with a check if enabled. You can click on the link to the language, such as "en-us - English (US)" to edit the email message text for that language.

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