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Subscriptions tab
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In the Subscriptions tab, you can see a list of the recipients of a personal email subscription, the email addresses or accounts covered in the subscription, and a description of the subscription, if provided. Optionally, you can filter elements in the list.
To create a new personal email subscription for an end user:
Click Add.
Under Subscription, enter an email address for the Recipient, and optionally, enter a Description.
Enter one email address at a time, clicking Add Address after each. If you choose to consolidate multiple email addresses into one report, the recipient gets a report containing details of all sent and received mail for all associated email addresses.
Note that any allowlist or blocklist entries associated with the email addresses are not merged – i.e. if a sender has previously been in allowlist for one address, it is not automatically in allowlist for other addresses in the same report subscription. However, if the report recipient later chooses to allowlist or blocklist an address by clicking the Allowlist or Blocklist buttons in the report, it will apply to all email accounts or aliases associated with the report.
Select the Email types to include in the report.
Subscriptions to the Forcepoint Email Security Cloud message report lapse after 93 days. 62 days after subscribing, each time users receive a report, they are reminded that they should renew their subscription. To see the expiration date for a subscription, go to Reporting > Account Reports > Services. In the Show drop-down list, choose Personal Email Subscriptions - Subscriptions. Click Generate Report. The report includes the expiration date as well as recipient and subscriber addresses.
Click OK. This becomes the default configuration for all future message reports. You can change this configuration at any time.
To edit existing subscriptions, click on the pencil icon next to the recipient's name. The Edit Subscription box appears in which you can perform the same steps outlined above.

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