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Backup procedures
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The backup procedures outlined in the following steps are safeguards against an unexpected interruption of your upgrade process. A power outage or appliance restart may not allow the upgrade process to finish successfully. You may need to restore your settings databases to their pre-upgrade state in order to re-initiate and complete the upgrade.
Use the following backup procedure to prepare for your email protection solution upgrade:
\\SQL Server Agent\\Jobs\\ ESG_ETL_Message_Insert_Job
\\SQL Server Agent\\Jobs\\ESG_ETL_Message_Process_Job
\\SQL Server Agent\\Jobs\\ESG_ETL_Message_Summary_Address_Job
\\SQL Server Agent\\Jobs\\ESG_ETL_Message_Summary_Job
\\SQL Server Agent\\Jobs\\ESG_ETL_Message_Update_Job
\\SQL Server Agent\\Jobs\\ESG_Maintenance_Job
See your Microsoft SQL Server documentation for backup procedure details.
See the Forcepoint Appliances Command Line Interface guide for backup and restore command options.
Back up Email Security module configuration settings in the Forcepoint Security Manager using options on the Settings > General > Backup/Restore screen. Click Backup to store your settings locally. You can also specify the Log Database for your configuration settings backup location and then click Backup.
See the topic titled Backing up and restoring management server settings in Administrator Help for Forcepoint Email Security backup details.

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