Websense Web Security Gateway Solutions

Leverage the Power of Web 2.0 With a Secure Web Gateway

  • Real-time scanning for dynamic Web 2.0 content classification and threat protection
  • Websense® TruHybrid™ deployment for unified on-premise/SaaS management
  • Enterprise-class data loss prevention for sensitive outbound Web communications

Websense® Web Security Gateway solutions are the industry’s leading secure Web gateway solutions, providing the best protection against modern Web threats at the lowest total cost of ownership. They are the only solutions to provide enterprise-class data loss prevention and unified management of hybrid on-premise/Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments. Secure Web gateway solutions enable organizations to leverage the power of Web 2.0 without worrying about malware, inappropriate content, employee productivity, or disclosure of sensitive information.

Web Security Gateway solutions offer:

  • Dynamic and Scripted Web Malware Protection – Real-time security scanning provided by the Websense Advanced Classification Engine protects against legacy file-based attacks as well as Web scripts and dynamic threats that evade traditional antivirus.
  • Web 2.0 Employee Productivity – Real-time content classification from the Advanced Classification Engine removes inappropriate content from complex, dynamic, and password-protected Web 2.0 sites that cannot be accurately classified by traditional URL filtering.
  • Data Loss Prevention and Compliance Controls – The Websense TruWeb DLP™ capability offers enterprise-class Web data loss prevention. It establishes the controls needed to enable outbound communications to destinations like Web mail and social networks while meeting compliance mandates to control disclosure of sensitive data. To see TruWeb DLP in action, check out the demo video.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – The Websense TRITON™ Console and Websense TruHybrid™ deployment reduce the number of appliances, management systems, and vendors that must be supported across the enterprise.

Three Flexible Product Options

Product Name

Websense Web Security Gateway Anywhere - For TruHybrid deployment with unified on-premise*/SaaS management, TruWeb DLP capability, or the Websense Remote Filtering client

Websense Web Security Gateway - For on-premise* deployments

Websense Hosted Web Security Gateway - For SaaS deployments

*On-premise deployments may be implemented on Websense V-Series appliances or as software running on general purpose servers.

events & webcasts

Websense Connect - Websense WSGA:
Securing Web and Data With One Console

The Websense® Web Security Gateway Anywhere (WSGA) is the only secure Web gateway to combine leading Web security with enterprise-class data loss prevention and unified hybrid/cloud deployment options. In this Webinar, we'll show you how WSGA can help you protect your organization's use of today's dynamic Web, prevent data loss, and reduce reduce complexity. We will also introduce our V5000™ - a new branch and medium office appliance.

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Websense Rated #1 Secure Web Gateway

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Next Generation Secure Web Gateways: The Case and Criteria for Embedded Data Loss Prevention

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Lowering Total Cost of Ownership With Hybrid Web Security

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The Advantages of a Hosted Security

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Websense Security Gateway
Web 2.0 Secured and Simplified Whitepaper

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Web 2.0 Security
Best practices for securing Web 2.0 with the Websense Web Security Gateway

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Independent Analyst Report:
"Websense Alone Leads the Content Security Suite Market"

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A Guide to Selecting a Secure Web Gateway

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product demo

Web Security Gateway Video Demo

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case study & success story

Allied Cash

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Bellevue School District

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Dave Meizlik spoke with BankInfoSecurity on the show floor of the 2009 RSA conference. They discussed the challenges companies are experiencing, including security for Web 2.0, preventing data loss, and consolidation and also talked about the new Websense V10000 appliance.

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Websense Global Technical Support Benefits
At Websense we don’t believe one size fits all. To support our award-winning Web, email, and data security solutions we offer three global support offerings — Websense Standard, Websense Premium, and Websense Mission Critical Support to help you maximize your investment with Websense.
The Websense Web Security Gateway requires Websense Premium Support.

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