Deployment and Installation Center
Websense TRITON Enterprise v7.6.x

Enter the IP address of the machine on which Filtering Service is installed and the port Filtering Service uses to communicate with integration products and Network Agent (default is 15868). If Filtering Service is installed on this machine, enter the IP address of this machine (note: actual IP address, not the loopback address,
In an appliance-based deployment, Filtering Service is already installed on a Web-security-mode appliance. Enter the IP address of the appliance's C interface and use the default port (15868). Note that a deployment may contain multiple appliances, each with a Filtering Service running. In that case, enter the C-interface IP address of the appliance with the Filtering Service you want Network Agent or the filtering plug-in (i.e., integration product)to use.
The port used by Filtering Service to communicate with integration products and Network Agent must be in the range 1024-65535. In a software-base deployment, Filtering Service may have been automatically configured to use a port other than the default 15868. When Filtering Service is installed, if the installation program finds the default port to be in use, it is automatically incremented until a free port is found. To determine what port is used by Filtering Service, check the eimserver.ini file—located in C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86)\Websense\Web Security\bin (Windows) or /opt/Websense/bin (Linux)—on the Filtering Service machine. In this file, look for the WebsenseServerPort value.
Do not modify the eimserver.ini file.
If Filtering Service is not installed yet, anywhere in your network, you must install it before installing Network Agent, a filtering plug-in, Linking Service. To install it on this machine, click Previous and select Filtering Service in addition to already selected components. To install it on another machine, run this installation program on that machine (prior to installing Network Agent, a filtering plug-in, or Linking Service on this machine).
In the case of a filtering plug-in, when installing Filtering Service, be sure to do so as integrated with the integration product.