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Websense TRITON Enterprise v7.6.x

The ISA/TMG agent receives all Web connections from a Microsoft ISA Server or Forefront TMG network and forwards them to the Data Security policy engine. It then receives the analyzed information back from the policy engine and forwards it to the recipients on the Web.
Forefront TMG is also supported, on Windows Server 2008 R2 platforms (64-bit). Note that Forefront TMG supports analysis of HTTPS traffic as well as HTTP.
The ISA/TMG agent supports the permit and block actions, and it receives authentication information from the client on its way to the proxy to identify users.
If you are using the ISA agent on an ISA array, be sure to install it on every member of the array; otherwise the configuration will be out of sync and ISA may become non-functional.
Download WebsenseDataSecurity760-x64.msi from to the machine on which you want to install TMG agent.
Launch WebsenseDataSecurity760-x64.msi.
The installer operates identically to the Websense Data Security Installer launched by the Websense installer. The only difference being that the 64-bit installer only installs SMTP or TMG agent.
When following those instructions, skip the steps involving the download and launching of the Websense installer. Begin from the point where the Websense Data Security Installer appears.