Websense Data Endpoint

Endpoint security solution to Identify, Monitor, Protect, and Discover Confidential Data


  • Automated enforcement
  • Unrivaled visibility and control
  • Operational efficiency

Websense® Data Endpoint picks up where network data loss prevention (DLP) and discovery leave off, by providing endpoint security and control over what confidential data is and should be stored (through local discovery); who is using it; how it is being used (with what applications); where it is being transferred (USB storage, printer); and real-time action to prevent the data loss. It provides unrivaled visibility and control over cut and paste, screen capture, and print from client applications to removable media, and can be enforced on or off the network, all with minimal overhead.

The Websense Data Endpoint security module offers:

  • Automated enforcement including blocking, application control and removal, audit and log, confirm, notify user.
  • Unrivaled visibility and control over cut and paste, file access, screen capture, and print for client software applications, applications with evasive, encrypted network behavior. endpoints (regardless of location) peripheral devices.
  • Operational efficiency with minimal impact on endpoint, options to run when ideal or not using battery, and multiple operating modes includes stealth and interactive
  • Accurate identification of confidential data with a comprehensive set of technologies.
  • Discovery and classification of all confidential data on endpoint.
  • DLP for Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) applicationsto ensure sensitive data is only transferred to and from approved SaaS applications.

The Data Endpoint security solution can be purchased as a stand-alone module or deployed as part of the fully integrated Websense Data Security SuiteWebsense TRITON™ Console provides reporting and management of Data Endpoint as well as other Websense data security modules and Websense Web security solutions, on a single unified console.

Read more about the regulatory issues surrounding endpoint security management:

  • Privacy and Customer Data
  • Regulatory Compliance and Data Loss

To learn more about market-leading data loss prevention software from Websense, download our data loss prevention white paper.


Independent Analyst Report:
"Websense Alone Leads the Content Security Suite Market"

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Flash Demo: A Day in the Life of Miss Bea Haven
See how a day in the life of go-getter employee Miss Bea Haven changes after her employer implements Websense Data Security Suite. This comprehensive data loss prevention solution helps protect both her employer and Miss Bea Haven from actions that may be well intended but that could cause unintended security risks.

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Dave Meizlik spoke with BankInfoSecurity on the show floor of the 2009 RSA conference. They discussed the challenges companies are experiencing, including security for Web 2.0, preventing data loss, and consolidation and also talked about the new Websense V10000 appliance.

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At Websense we don’t believe one size fits all. To support our award-winning Web, email, and data security solutions we offer three global support offerings — Websense Standard, Websense Premium, and Websense Mission Critical Support to help you maximize your investment with Websense.
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