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Combine Web, Data, and Mobile Protection
Combine Web, Data, and Mobile Protection
Administrator Help | Forcepoint Web Security | v8.5.x
Forcepoint Web Security secures your enterprise from web-based threats, liability issues, and productivity loss. But what if you want—or are required—to protect sensitive data, such as social security numbers or credit card numbers, from leakage over the Web? To protect against such data loss, deploy the DLP Module. You can also help protect your end users' mobile devices from potential data loss, the possible theft of intellectual property, and from mobile malware and other threats by combining Forcepoint Web Security with Forcepoint Mobile Security integrated with AirWatch® Mobile Device Management.
Protecting against data loss
With the DLP Module, not only can you protect sensitive data from leakage over the Web, but you can also monitor removable media devices, printers, instant messages, copy/paste operations, or email for the such data. To protect against data loss over other channels, in addition to the Web, you can purchase Forcepoint DLP to integrate with Forcepoint Web Security.
Web and data protection interoperate in fundamental ways, giving the data protection software access to user information (collected by User Service) and URL categorization information (from the Master Database).
By combining web and data protection, you can create data loss prevention (DLP) policies that base rules on URL categories. For example, you can define a rule that credit card numbers cannot be posted to known fraud sites. You can also define rules based on users and computers rather than IP addresses. For example, Jane Doe cannot post financial information to FTP sites.
For an end-to-end description of setting up data loss protection over the Web, see the Deployment and Installation Center.
For instructions on creating data security policies, see Help for the Data module of Forcepoint Security Manager.
Protecting end users' devices
Forcepoint Mobile Security protects your end users' devices from potential data loss and the possible theft of intellectual property, plus from mobile malware, web threats, phishing attacks, spoofing, and more—all of which helps them safely access corporate resources.
When integrated with AirWatch Mobile Device Management (MDM), you can provision iOS and Android mobile devices to send traffic to the cloud service for analysis and policy enforcement. You can also enroll devices in your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device settings over the air, create different policies for corporate versus personal devices, and secure mobile devices through actions such as locking and wiping them.

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Combine Web, Data, and Mobile Protection
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