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Reviewing Policy Broker connections
Administrator Help | Forcepoint Web Security and Forcepoint URL Filtering | v8.5.x
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If you have a multiple Policy Broker environment (with a primary Policy Broker and one or more replicas), use the Settings > General > Policy Brokers page to find a list of the Policy Broker instances in your deployment. You can also configure which instance each Policy Server in your network attempts to connect to first.
The Installed Policy Broker Instances table includes the following information:
The Host column shows the IP address or hostname of the Policy Broker machine.
The Type column indicates whether the instance is the primary or a replica. The primary instance always appears first in the list.
A Description of the instance. Click the pencil icon next to the existing description to update it.
When the Last Policy Sync occurred for each Policy Broker replica. This is the most recent time the replica received updated policy and configuration information from the primary Policy Broker.
Use the Policy Server Connections table to customize how the Policy Server instances in your deployment connect to Policy Broker. The table shows:
A Description of the Policy Server instance
The Connection Order the Policy Server instance uses when it connects to Policy Broker (a list of IP addresses)
To change the connection order, click the Policy Server IP address or hostname. This opens the Policy Broker Connection Order window, with the current connection order listed. To move an instance up or down in the list:
Click the Up or Down button to move the entry in the list.
When you are finished making changes, click OK to return to the Policy Brokers page.
Click OK again on the Policy Brokers page to cache your changes. The changes are not implemented until you click Save and Deploy.

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