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Delegated Administration Quick Start
Delegated Administration Quick Start
Topic 51030 | Delegated Administration Quick Start | 12-Oct-2015
Delegated administration is a powerful tool for distributing configuration, policy management, and reporting responsibilities across an organization.
Global Security Administrators can define administrator accounts for all TRITON Manager modules (Web, Data, and Email).
In the Web module, Super Administrators can then grant policy management privileges, reporting rights, or both to delegated administrators, who can manage or report on Internet usage for specific clients (users, groups, computers, or networks).
Super Administrators can also:
All of this is accomplished through the use of roles, which group related clients with the administrators responsible for managing their policies, reporting on their Internet usage, or both. For example, a school district might create Staff, Teachers, and Elementary Students roles, and then assign one or more administrators to each.
To start using delegated administration, first use the Web module of the TRITON Manager to prepare your environment:
(Optional) Configure user directory service settings: Make sure that your Websense software can communicate with a user directory so that you can identify user, group, and domain (OU) clients for use in applying policies.
Customize Super Administrator policies and filters: Establish a policy baseline for your organization.
Edit the Filter Lock: Create basic category and protocol management restrictions that apply to all delegated administrators.
When the environment is ready, set up administrator accounts via TRITON Settings:
(Optional) Configure directory service settings for administrators: Make sure that the TRITON console can communicate with the directory service used to authenticate administrator logons.
Configure email settings for administrators: Enable administrator notifications and automated password reset functionality.
Create administrator accounts: Grant administrators access to the Web module.
Next, use the Web module of the TRITON Manager to enable delegated administration of policy management and reporting tasks.
Create delegated administration roles in the Web module: Define which administrators will manage policies, run reports, or both for which groups of clients.
Train delegated administrators: Make sure that new administrators know how to perform their tasks.
This Quick Start guide provides the basic information needed to get started with delegated administration. Complete and comprehensive instructions are available from the Administrator Help, available from the Help menu in the TRITON console, or from the Websense Technical Library.

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Delegated Administration Quick Start
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