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User activity detail by day
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The User Activity Detail by Day report gives a more in-depth view of a specific user's activity on one day.
Select User by Day/Month at the top of the main page. The User Detail by Day dialog box appears.
Enter a user's name, or a portion of the name, in the Search for user field, and then click Search.
The search displays a scrolling list of up to 100 matching user names from the Log Database.
Make a selection from the Select user list.
In the Select day field, either accept the last activity date that appears by default, or choose a different date.
You can type the new date or click the calendar icon to select a date. The calendar selection box indicates the date range covered by the active Log Database.
Click Go to User by Day to see a detailed report of activity for that user on the requested date.
The initial report shows a timeline of the user's activity in 5-minute increments. Each request appears as an icon, which corresponds to a Websense Master Database category. A single icon represents all custom categories. (The color of the icons corresponds to the risk grouping shown on the User Activity by Month reports.)
Rest the mouse over an icon to show the exact time, category, and action for the associated request.
Use the controls listed below to modify the report display or to see a legend.
Click User Activity Detail by Month, above the report, to view the same user's activity for the full month. See User activity detail by month for more information.

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