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Delete managed clients
Web Security Help | Web Security Solutions | Version 7.8.x
Clients cannot be deleted directly from the managed clients list (Delegated Administration > Edit Role) if:
There may also be problems if the Super Administrator is connected to a different Policy Server than the one that communicates with the directory service containing the clients to be deleted. In this situation, the current Policy Server and directory service do not recognize the clients.
An unconditional Super Administrator can assure that the appropriate clients can be deleted, as follows.
Open the Policy Server list in the Web Security toolbar and make sure that you are connected to the Policy Server that communicates with the appropriate directory. You must be logged on with unconditional Super Administrator permissions.
Open the Role list in the Web Security toolbar, and select the role from which managed clients are to be deleted.
Go to Policy Management > Clients to see a list of all the clients to which the delegated administrator has explicitly assigned a policy.
This may include both clients that are specifically identified on the role's managed clients list, and clients who are members of networks, groups, domains, or organizational units on the managed clients list.
Click OK to cache the changes.
Open the Role list in the banner, and select the Super Administrator role.
Go to Policy Management > Delegated Administration > Edit Role.
Click OK on the Edit Role page to cache the changes. Changes are not implemented until you click Save and Deploy.

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