For the proxy to serve HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or DNS requests transparently, you must check the redirection rules in the ipnat.conf file and edit them if necessary. If you are using WCCP for transparent interception, there must be a redirection rule for every port in every active service group. Rules for standard ports are included by default. To view and work with ARM redirection rules, follow the these steps.
Log on to Content Gateway Manager and navigate to the Configure > Networking > ARM > General tab.
The Network Address Translation (NAT) section displays the redirection rules in the ipnat.conf file. Check the redirection rules and make any needed changes.
To change a redirection rule, click Edit File to open the configuration file editor for the ipnat.conf file.
Select the rule you want to edit and modify the appropriate fields. Click Set and then click Apply to apply your changes. Click Close to exit the configuration file editor.
Click Restart on Configure > My Proxy > Basic > General.