The options defined in the wccp.config configuration file control the use of WCCP with Content Gateway. Entries should be defined and maintained using the editor provided on Configure > Networking > WCCP.
When multiple proxy servers are configured in a cluster, all settings except the Service Group Enabled/Disabled setting, the Network Interface, and Weight are propagated around the cluster.
Displays a table of the service groups defined in the wccp.config file. WCCP service group configuration defines WCCP behavior. Column fields are explained in the Configuration Editor entries below.
Opens wccp.config in the configuration file editor.
Select ASA Firewall to specify that traffic is routed to the proxy by a Cisco ASA firewall. When this option is selected, GRE is automatically selected as the Packet Forward Method and Packet Return Method. Those settings are required and cannot be changed.
Important: GRE and Multicast are incompatible.
Note: If Content Gateway is configured with a Forward/Return method that the router does not support, the proxy attempts to use a method supported by the router.
Note: Selecting L2 requires that the router or switch be Layer 2-adjacent (in the same subnet) as Content Gateway.
When IP spoofing is enabled, the proxy advertises a reverse service group for each enabled WCCP forward service group. The reverse service group must be applied along the return path of origin server responses to the proxy.
Important: Cannot be used with GRE packet Forward/Return method.