Displays a table listing the rules in the splitdns.config file that control which DNS server the proxy uses for resolving hosts under specific conditions.
Updates the table to display the most up-to-date rules in the splitdns.config file. Click this button after you have added or modified rules with the configuration file editor.
Lists the splitdns.config file rules. Select a rule to edit it. The buttons on the left of the box allow you to delete or move the selected rule up or down in the list.
Specifies that DNS server selection is based on the destination domain (dest_domain), destination host (dest_host), or on a regular expression (url_regex).
Specifies the DNS server to use with the primary destination specifier. You can specify a port using a colon (:). If you do not specify a port, 53 is used. You can specify multiple DNS servers separated by spaces or by semicolons (;).
Specifies the domain search order. You can specify multiple domains separated by spaces or by semicolons (;). If you do not provide the search list, the system determines the value from /etc/resolv.conf.
Click Apply before you click Close; otherwise, all configuration changes are lost.