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Getting Started Guide | Forcepoint Web Security Cloud | 12-Oct-2018
Forcepoint Web Security Cloud is a flexible web protection solution that provides fine-tuned control over your users' web access, while providing comprehensive protection against web threats such as viruses, malware, data loss, and phishing attacks.
Forcepoint Web Security Cloud is intuitive to use and works out of the box with a default policy that applies common web filters. To make full use of its features, you can customize this default policy and configure your own policies to meet the needs of your organization.
This guide outlines the setup tasks required to get Forcepoint Web Security Cloud managing your web traffic. It also contains information on how to work with roaming users, and tips on tailoring policies for your organization. In the appendix you can find tips for preparing your end users for their new web protection system.
Detailed configuration information for Forcepoint Web Security Cloud is available in the Forcepoint Security Portal Help. This can be accessed from within the Security Portal, or online at the following link: Forcepoint Security Portal Help.
Technical Support
If you have any questions during the set up phase, please contact your service provider or Forcepoint Technical Support. Technical information about Forcepoint products is available at the Forcepoint Support website:
This site includes product documentation, release information, and a Knowledge Base detailing common configuration scenarios. Some material requies a Forcepoint Support login.
For additional questions, the support portal offers an online support form. Just click Contact Support.
Getting help
To get additional help while setting up the service, access the administrator help and other reference materials on the Forcepoint Support website, or from the Help menu in the Security Portal.

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