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Categorized reports
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To access an email report:
Go to Reporting > Email Reporting.
Select a report from the Show drop-down list.
The reports you see depend on your subscriptions.
Initially you can access only the Selection tab to enter selection criteria. Once you have generated a report, you can click the Chart and Table tabs to view the results in chart or table form.
For most reports, you can select filtering criteria that restricts the report results. Next to each of the filtering criteria is a note describing in more detail how to use that option.
When you select a report, you are shown a list of the time periods for which the report is available. Alternatively you can select a specific time period (from and to) for the report by clicking more next to the period list.
To make selection from some criteria lists easier, you can expand the list to appear in a larger window by repeatedly clicking on the Grow list link.
Once you have decided on the report and the appropriate criteria, click Generate report. You may receive feedback at this point advising that the report might take some time to generate. Typically this is due to the amount of data that must be searched. You can often avoid this by adding more criteria to narrow the search. Click Back if you want to cancel the report.
Report results
Most report results are displayed in chart and table format in the relevant screen. Note that not all reports are available in both formats.
Drilling down
Many of the reports contain links to more detailed reports. For example, for time-based reports, clicking the chart column or data table entry for a day generally displays the hourly report for that day, using any filtering criteria that applied to the original report.
Some reports allow you to drill down into the data in a more flexible way. If this is the case, there is a drop-down list above the chart and data table listing the available views. Select the view required from the list and then click the chart or table to display the new report.

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