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Installing Data Security Components > Installing supplemental Data Security servers
Installing supplemental Data Security servers
Deployment and Installation Center | Data Security Solutions | Version 7.7.x
Medium to large enterprises may require more than one Data Security server to perform content analysis efficiently. Having multiple Data Security servers allows your organization to grow, improves performance, and allows for custom load balancing.
Supplemental Data Security server installations include:
Operating system support
Supplemental Data Security servers must be running on one of the following operating system environments:
Hardware requirements
Supplemental Data Security servers must meet the following hardware requirements.
Software requirements
The following requirements apply to all Data Security servers:
Required ports
The following ports must be kept open for supplemental Data Security servers:
Installation steps
Download the Websense installer (WebsenseTRITON77Setup.exe) from mywebsense.com.
Select Custom.
Click the Install link for Data Security.
On the Welcome screen, click Next to begin the installation.
In the Destination Folder screen, specify the folder into which to install the server software.
The default destination is C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86)\Websense\Data Security. If you have a larger drive, it is used instead. Large removable drives may be detected by the system as a local drive and used as the default. Do not install on removable media.
On the Select Components screen, select Data Security Server.
The Fingerprinting Database screen appears. To choose a location other than the default shown, use the Browse button.
The Virtual SMTP Server screen appears. This is because an SMTP agent is included with supplemental Data Security server installations.
In the Select Virtual Server list, select the IIS virtual SMTP server that should be bound to the SMTP agent. The SMTP agent will monitor traffic that goes through this virtual server. If there multiple SMTP servers listed, the SMTP agent should typically be bound to Inbound.
(See Preparing a machine for the SMTP agent for instructions on installing Microsoft IIS from Control Panel and configuring inbound and outbound SMTP Virtual Servers.)
In the Server Access screen, select the IP address to identify this machine to other Websense components.
In the Register with the Data Security Server screen specify the location and log on credentials for the TRITON management server.
FQDN is the fully-qualified domain name of a machine. The credentials should be for a TRITON - Data Security administrator with System Modules permissions.
In the Local Administrator screen, supply a user name and password as instructed on-screen. The server/host name portion of the user name cannot exceed 15 characters. If you are installing Data Security v7.7.0, this password cannot exceed 19 characters. If you are installing version 7.7.2 or beyond, password length doesn't matter.
If you plan to perform fingerprinting or discovery on your Domino server, complete the information on this page.
On the Lotus Domino Connections page, select the check box labeled Use this machine to scan Lotus Domino servers.
In the User ID file field, browse to one of the authorized administrator users, then navigate to the user's user.id file.
In the Password field, enter the password for the authorized administrator user.
In the Installation Confirmation screen, if all the information entered is correct, click the Install button to begin installation.
Installation may seem to take a long time. Unless a specific error or failure message appears, allow the installer to proceed.
If the following message appears, click Yes to continue the installation:
Data Security needs port 80 free.
In order to proceed with this installation, DSS will free up this port.
Click Yes to proceed OR click No to preserve your settings.
Clicking No cancels the installation.
A similar message for port 443 may appear. Click Yes to continue or No to cancel the installation.
Once installation is complete, the Installation Complete screen appears to inform you that your installation is complete. Click Finish.
Log onto TRITON - Data Security and click Deploy to fully connect the supplemental server with the management server.

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Installing Data Security Components > Installing supplemental Data Security servers
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