Deployment and Installation Center
Websense TRITON Enterprise v7.6.x

If you selected Microsoft ISA Server or Squid Web Proxy Cache, you can choose either or both of the options in the Filtering Plug-In screen:
Yes, install the plug-in on this machine: This option installs only the filtering plug-in on this machine. Enter the IP address and port for Websense Filtering Service. If you are integrating with Microsoft Forefront TMG, do not select this option. The plug-in for Forefront TMG is installed using a separate installer.See Installing the ISAPI Filter plug-in for Forefront TMG.)
Install other selected components: This option installs all selected Websense components, but not the plug-in. Note: Selecting this option installs Websense software in integrated mode, ready to integrate with Microsoft ISA Server or Squid Web Proxy Cache (whichever you selected).
To install both the plug-in and selected Websense components, you must select both of the above options. When you select Install other selected components, the Filtering Service IP address and Port boxes are greyed out because you do not need to specify them; Filtering Service is being installed on this machine.