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Websense TRITON Enterprise v7.6.x

Choosing to allow feedback to Websense, Inc. helps improve the accuracy of Websense software for all customers. The feedback consists of any URLs that could not be categorized by Websense software. Such uncategorized URLs are evaluated by Websense, Inc. If warranted, they are investigated in more detail and put into an appropriate category. The Websense Master Database is updated with this information. When your Websense software downloads the updated database, it will be able to categorize those URLs and filter them according to the policies you have set.
No information about users or your network is collected. The information is only about the visited URLs themselves. Only uncategorized URLs and the frequency of requests to them are collected. Uncategorized intranet URLs are not included in feedback.
You can later choose to enable or disable feedback (the feedback mechanism is known as WebCatcher) using the Log Server Configuration utility. For more information, see Log Server Configuration Help.