Data Security Deployment and Installation Guide
Websense Data Security v7.5.3

Refer to Chapter 3 of this deployment guide for instructions on installing Websense Data Security, and refer to the relevant Blue Coat documentation for more information on installing the Blue Coat appliance.
The Blue Coat Proxy SG can be configured with its basic information. You will need several pieces of information to configure the Proxy SG:
Items 1-5 enable you to set up the initial configuration of the Proxy SG by following the steps configure the Proxy SG with a direct serial port connection in your Blue Coat installation guide.
First, log on to the Proxy SG management console following the instructions in the Blue Coat installation guide. Then configure Adapter #1 with the IP address and netmask of the ICAP interface using the steps in the Adapters section of your Blue Coat configuration guide. (Adapter #0 is configured during the serial port configuration)
Open TRITON - Data Security, and go to Settings > System Modules.
This procedure assumes the Proxy SG is operating minimally with initial configurations, and you are logged on to the Blue Coat Management Console. If you have multiple protectors with ICAP servers, you must create a unique Proxy SG service for each one.
Select Configuration > External Services > ICAP.
Click New.
In the Add ICAP Service field, enter an alphanumeric name.
Click OK.
In the Services list, select the new ICAP service name and click Edit. The following screen appears:
This includes the URL schema, the ICAP server host name or IP address, and the ICAP port number. For example, icap://
Maximum number of connections
The maximum number of connections at any time between the Proxy SG and the ICAP server. This can be any number between 1 and 65535. The default is 5.
The number of seconds the Proxy SG waits for replies from the ICAP server. This can be any number between 60 and 65535. The default timeout is 70 seconds.
Notify administrator
Check the Virus detected box to send an email to the administrator if the virus scan detects a match. The notification is also sent to the Event Log and the Event Log email list.
Method supported
Select request modification for this service.
Click Apply.