Unable to download the Master Database

Article Number: 000001127
Products: Web Security and Filter, Web Security Gateway
Versions: 7.0, 7.1, 7.5, 7.6

Problem Description

The Websense Master URL Database is not downloading. How can I identify the problem and download the database?


The Websense Master Database contains the categories and protocols used for Internet usage filtering. If Websense software is unable to download the database, or if the database update cannot be completed, perform the following actions:

  • Make sure that your subscription key is entered correctly. In Websense Manager, go to Settings > Account and verify that the subscription key entry matches the key that you received. The subscription key is case-sensitive.
  • Make sure that your Websense subscription has not expired. In Websense Manager, go to Settings > Account and check the "Key expires" date. If your subscription has expired, contact Websense, Inc., to renew.
  • Ensure that the Filtering Service machine has access to the Internet, can use HTTP, and is not able to receive incoming transmissions.

    To verify Internet access:
    1. To check for proxy settings, open Websense Manager and go to Settings > Database Downloads.
    2. Under Proxy Server or Firewall, check the proxy settings.
    3. Open a Web browser on the Filtering Service machine.
    4. Set the browser to access the Internet using the same proxy settings shown in Websense Manager.
    5. Request the following address: http://download.websense.com.
      • If the connection succeeds, the Websense logo is displayed, and a message appears that indicates you will be redirected to the Websense home page. This means that the Websense Filtering Service proxy settings are correct and the appropriate HTTP access is available.
      • If the connection fails and you are prompted for proxy information, correct the proxy settings in Websense Manager.
      • If the connection fails and you were not asked for proxy information, use an nslookup command to verify that the Filtering Service machine is able to resolve the download location to an IP address (for example: nslookup asia.download.websense.com). If this does not return an IP address, you must set up the system running Websense to access a DNS server.
  • If Websense software accesses the Internet through a firewall or proxy, verify that the Websense authentication settings are correct. To check authentication information, do the following:
    1. If necessary, find out the user name and password for the upstream firewall or proxy server. These are case-sensitive.
    2. In Websense Manager, go to Settings > Database Downloads.
    3. Under Authentication area, make sure that the User name is correct, and then enter the password you gathered in step 1.
    4. Click OK to cache changes, and then click Save All.
  • If Websense software accesses the Internet through a firewall or proxy, make sure that the firewall or proxy device is configured appropriately. To allow a Master Database download, the firewall or proxy device must be configured to accept clear text or basic authentication.
  • Make sure that firewall restrictions aren't blocking the download. If your firewall restricts access to the Internet at the time when you have scheduled the database download, or if there are restrictions on file size that can be transferred via HTTP, the Websense Master Database may not be able to download. Either change the download schedule in Websense Manager (go to Settings > Database Downloads), or make changes to the firewall configuration.
  • If you are using Check Point FireWall-1, and the firewall requires authentication, add a rule that explicitly allows Websense software to access the database download site.
  • If you are running restriction applications, such as virus scanners or size-limiting applications, these may interfere with Websense Master Database downloads. Disable restrictions on the Filtering Service machine and the download location.
  • If the Filtering Service encounters an unexpected event, resulting in a failed database download, visit www.mywebsense.com and check for an available Websense Filtering Service hotfix
  • If the Master Database files fail when loading, and a “Patch failed to spawn” error is seen in the Websense.log file, the following two issues have occurred:
  1. The Verify \Program Files\Websense\bin directory does not contain the WsRTPatch.exe file.
    • If the WsRTPatch.exe file was accidentally deleted, the database will fail to download.
  2. The NIC adapter driver needs updating.
    • For example, the Broadcom network adapter driver 'baspxp32.sy' needs to be updated to the latest version.
            Once resolved, manually start the Master URL Database download. 
            From Websense Manager, select Server > Database Download > Download button.
        Possible Errors: 
  •  Manually starting the Master URL database download displays the following error:
    • Error displayed: Error Loading Master Database
  • Review the \Program Files\Websense\bin\Websense.log file. The following errors are seen:
    • -- 06/04/2010 17:10:53,Fatal Error,Websense EIM Server,CategoryAgent,WsTransferTimer.cpp:647,0x41460020,Error -- Patch failed to spawn.
    • -- 06/04/2010 17:10:53,Fatal Error,Websense EIM Server,CategoryAgent,WsTransferTimer.cpp:376,0x41460001,Error processing Websense Master Database. Multiple possible explanations: corrupted file, disk space, bad file permissions...
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Notes & Warnings

  • For complete and accurate filtering, it is important that the Master Database be kept up to date. If the Master Database is not updated for 2 weeks (14 days), Internet filtering stops.
  • In v7.5, Websense Manager is referred to as "TRITON - Web Security," the new management interface.
  • For version 7.6, the default directory for 'new' installs is C:\Program Files\Websense\Web Security\ (32-bit machines) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Websense\Web Security\ (64 bit machines). The directory for upgrades to v7.6 is C:\Program Files\Websense\.

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