How do I find out how a site is categorized?

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I want to know if a website is in the Master Database. How do I find out if Websense has already categorized a website?


There are two easy ways to find out how a site is categorized:
  • Use the URL Category tool in the Web Security management console (all but Cloud Web Security).
  • Use the Site Lookup and Category Suggestion Tool on the MyWebsense site.

If you think a site was recategorized, then use the URL Category tool. If you want to know how a site is categorized in the latest Master Database, regardless of any recategorization done at your site, then use the Site Lookup and Category Suggestion Tool.

URL Category Tool

  1. Open the Web Security manager and click URL Category (under Toolbox in the right shortcut pane).
  2. Enter a URL or IP address.
  3. Click Go.

The site's current category is displayed in a popup window. If your organization has recategorized the URL, the new category is shown.
The site's categorization may depend on which version of the Master Database (including real-time updates) you are using.

Site Lookup Tool

  1. Log on to the MyWebsense site.
  2. Click Site Lookup under Tools in the left navigation pane.
  3. Enter a URL, and then click Look Up.

    Note: For Cloud Web Security, select the v7 database.

The site's current categorization in the latest version of the Master Database is displayed.
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Notes & Warnings

Websense, Inc., maintains a customer portal at You can use this site to access product updates, patches, product news, evaluations, and technical support resources for your Websense software. All you need to sign up for an account are an email address and a subscription key. Multiple members of your organization can create MyWebsense accounts using the same subscription key.
Note: We recategorize at page level, not just domain level.

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