Where do I find my subscription level and expiration date?

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Problem Description

I need more information about subscriptions and how they work. I'm not sure how to tell how many users are covered by my subscription, or when the subscription expires. Where can I find this information?


Websense subscriptions are issued on a per-workstation (IP address) basis. When you subscribe, Websense provides a subscription key either in the package (if you receive a CD) or via email (if you download the software). 
Websense software begins counting IP addresses at the first internet request after 12:00 a.m. (midnight) on a new day. Each additional IP address that makes an internet request increments the user count. The count is reset at the first internet request of the next day.


NOTE Regardless of the policy applied to the user, if a user is passed to Websense software by an integration product, Websense filtering counts that user toward the subscription.
If you are using Network Agent for protocol filtering, any IP addresses from network traffic that Network Agent sees are counted toward your subscription.
Computers running software that connects to the internet also count against your subscription level, even though an actual person may not be making the internet request.

To view the number of workstations supported by your subscription, and its expiration date:
For Websense Enterprise:

  1. Open Websense Manager and connect to Policy Server.
  2. Select Server > Settings.
  3. Select Database Download. The expiration date and number of supported users appear in the Database Download area at the top of the content pane, next to Key Expires.
For TRITON -Web Security:

  1. Open or TRITON -Web Security and select Settings > General > Account.
  2. The expiration date, number of subscribed network users and subscribed remote uses is displayed below your subscription key.

Notes & Warnings

If you are in a DHCP environment, Websense recommends that you set your IP address leases to last more than one (1) day. If you are currently configured to assign multiple IP addresses to a workstation in a given day, this may cause an increase in the user counts against your subscription level.
When the number of clients / unique IP addresses counted toward your subscription reaches the subscription level, any previously uncounted client that requests internet access exceeds the subscription. If this occurs, that client is either blocked entirely from the internet or given unfiltered internet access, depending on a setting in Websense Manager.

  • For v6.x, this setting is made under Server > Settings > Common Filtering.
  • For v7.x, this setting is made under Settings > General > Account.
Mark the Block users when subscription expires or is exceeded check box. Users who were connected to the internet before you exceeded the subscription continue to be filtered normally by Websense software.

If your subscription expires, all clients are also either entirely blocked or unfiltered, depending on the global setting referred to above.

Note: Until the Master URL Database is downloaded for the first time the Subscription information will not be correctly populated.
NOTE:  If you have lost your key, please contact your sales representative.

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