How to Block Spyware

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Problem Description

The SurfControl Enterprise Protection Suite blocks spyware from all points of vulnerability:

  • Web Filter blocks access to spyware hosting sites.
  • Enterprise Threat Shield cleans spyware off client desktops and stops any future spyware downloads.  
  • E-mail Filter blocks spyware URLs from being delivered via e-mail, and removes active HTML components (typical of spyware links) form e-mail.




Web Filter


To configure a Web Filter rule that blocks access to spyware hosting sites:


1.     In the Rules Administrator, click Rule and select New.


2.     Click the red Disallow button, making the rule a Disallow rule.


3.     Click the Where tab and highlight Categories.


4.     Drag the following categories into your new rule:


  • Spyware.
  • Remote Proxies.
  • Web-based E-mail.


5.     Click the Commit Changes button.


Enterprise Threat Shield


To configure a Threat Shield rule that removes existing spyware from client computers and prevents these clients from acquiring future spyware:


1.     In the Threat Shield Manager, enable the default Rule Spyware rule.

2.     In the Who column, select the Who object that contains all users for whom you want to block spyware.

3.     Click the Transmit Configuration button.


E-mail Filter


To enable E-mail Filter rules to remove active HTML components from e-mail, and to block spyware URLs from entering your network via email:


1.     In the Rules Administrator, enable the following default rules:


  • HTML Stripper.
  • URL Category List – Spam.
  • URL Category List – Inappropriate.


2.     Click the Save Changes button.

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