DSS Inline Protector And Protector Guide

Article Number: 000002404
Products: Data Security
Versions: 7.1

Problem Description

The Protector works in tandem with the DSS Server. The DSS Server provides advanced analysis capabilities, while the Protector sits on network, intercepts traffic and can either monitor or block the traffic, as needed. The Protector supports analysis of SMTP, HTTP, FTP, Generic Text and IM traffic (chat and file transfer) -AOL AIM, Yahoo and MSN. The Protector is also an integration point for third party solutions that support ICAP.

The Protector fits into your existing network with minimum configuration and necessitates no network infrastructure changes.


Please see the Protector v7.1 zip file below which contains both the Protector Guide v7.1 and the Inline Protector v7.1 PDF's.

Notes & Warnings

Additional Problems and Search Terms:
Protector "crashes" periodically