Why are all URLs classified as uncategorized?

Article Number: 000001455
Products: Web Security and Filter
Versions: 7.0, 7.1, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, 7.8, 8.0

Problem Description

When I run testlogserver, websenseping, or the URL Category tool in Websense Manager (v7), all URLs are classified as "uncategorized".


This behavior can be caused by the following conditions:

  • The Master URL Database is corrupted or has not been updated in 14 days:  
             Follow the instructions in this KB article:
             Why can't Websense download the current database update?
  • Also check that you are able to reach the relevant Websense database URLs and that if you are downloading via an internal proxy, that it too can reach them.

  • The filtering service has just been restarted: 
             The filtering service takes some time to fully load. Wait for 3-5 minutes.
  • You have exceeded your subscription:
  • The server where the Filtering Service resides is experiencing a DNS-related issue:
              Do the following to confirm and then resolve the DNS issue. 
  • Run the nslookup utility against the URL. For example: "nslookup www.yahoo.com".
  • Run the ping utility against the URL. For example: "ping www.yahoo.com" .
Note:  The nslookup and ping utilities are the main tools for indicating a DNS issue.  A failure in the results of  running these tools against the URL indicates a DNS issue.
  • Run WebsensePing or the URL Category tool (v7) against the URL and then against the IP address of the site. A correct result for the tests against the IP indicates a DNS issue.
  • Visit a blocked site using its IP address instead of its URL. A successful block also confirms a DNS issue.
             Note:  The last two steps listed above are secondary ways of indicating a DNS issue.