Error message: "There is no Policy Server running at this IP address"

Article Number: 000001514
Products: Web Security and Filter, Web Security Gateway, Web Security Gateway Anywhere
Versions: 1.1, 1.2, 7.0, 7.1, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7

Problem Description

I receive the following error when logging into the TRITON management console. The Policy Server service is running. How do I get past this error? 
There is no Policy Server running at this IP address

An additional error message:
Not detected.  Verify connection and service status.


Solution 1:
After verifying Policy Server is running and there are no communication blocks between the apache services and Policy Server, complete the following steps
  1. Close all web browsers.
  2. Stop the Apache2Websense service.
    • For v7.6 and later: Websense TRITON Web Server
  3. Stop the ApacheTomcatWebsense service.
    • For v7.6 and later: Websense TRITON - Web Security
  4. Rename or move the following files out of the websense\tomcat\bin (v7.5) or websense\web security\tomcat\bin (7.6 and later) directories:
    • WsCA.p12  or  WsJCA.p12  (for v7.5/7.6 and later Version)
    • WsJStore<ip address of policyserver>.p12
  5. Start the Apache2Websense or Websense TRITON Web Server (7.6 and later) service.
  6. Start the ApacheTomcatWebsense or Websense TRITON - Web Security (7.6 and later) service.
  7. Attempt to log on.

Solution 2:

If the above solution did not work, then check if any IP addresses in the websense.ini or config.xml files reverted to the loopback IP address ( If so, follow the steps below.

  1. Check the websense.ini file for any dstrace entries and remove them; even if they are set to false. Example follows:
    • [Directory Service]
  2. In the config.xml and websense.ini files, change the loopback IP addresses to the actual server IP address
  3. Restart the services.

Solution 3:

For Windows 2008 Server, disable User Access Control (UAC). UAC can prevent Policy Server from reading files in the Websense\bin folder.
Solution 4:

  • Make sure the NIC binding order is correct. From the Network Connections pane, select Advanced > Advanced Settings > Adapters and Binding tab.


  • Verify the IP address is correct in the following designated files.
    • 7.5 Version
  • 7.6 and later Version
    \Websense\Web Security\tomcat\conf\
    \Websense\Web Security\tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost\mng.xml

    Note: Remember to remove the WsJStore<ip address of policyserver>.p12 file. The file deletion will contain the update for any IP address change.

Solution 5:

  1. In the following order, stop all the Websense services
    • Filtering Service, User Service, Policy Server, Apache2Websense (ApacheTomcatWebsense or Websense TRITON - Web Security V7.6 and later)
  2. Search for all .p12 files under the Websense directory. Delete all .p12 files except the two manager.p12 files. The manager.p12 files are not regenerated on service start up. Backup these manager.p12 files located under:
    • 7.5

      7.6 and later
      Websense\Web Security\apache\conf\ssl\output
      Websense\Web Security\tomcat\conf\keystore\tomcat
  3. The .p12 information is cached in memory. Before restarting services, wait at least one minute for it to clear. Corrupted .p12s files will not regenerate. If the issue continues, wait longer than one minute.
  4. Restart Websense services in the reverse order except for the Apache2Websense or Websense TRITON Web Server for 7.6 and later and ApacheTomcatWebsense or Websense TRITON - Web Security for 7.6 and later.
  5. Restore the manager.p12 files back to their original location and then start ApacheTomcatWebsense or Websense TRITON - Web Security for 7.6 and later and Apache2Websense or Websense TRITON Web Server for 7.6 and later.

Notes & Warnings

Check the Port Number in websense.ini file.  The Default setting is:
  • PolicyServerPort=55806

If this setting port was changed, you will see this symptom when logging into the TRITON console.
This message may appear during an installation where the Policy server resides on a V-Series appliance, then DNS lookup may be failing.  Insert the IP address and hostname for the V-Series appliance into the local host file and test the installation again.