Web Log Server does not start

Article Number: 000003008
Products: Web Security and Filter, Web Security Gateway, Web Security Gateway Anywhere, Websense Enterprise
Versions: 6.3, 7.0, 7.1, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7

Problem Description

My Log Server service does not start. How can I resolve this issue?


Before attempting the following suggestions, ensure that you have first reset the ODBC and Log Server connections to the SQL Server reporting database as detailed in the How to update the ODBC and the Log Server connections article.  For version 7.7, please see How do I verify the Log Database connection is correct in v7.7? .
After installing on a Windows Server 2008:
  1. Start the Log Server in Console mode and check the error message.
    • Open a DOS window, navigate to the \Websense\bin or (v7.6 or later) \Websense\Web Security\bin directory, and type: LogServer -c

  2. Check if LogServer.ini file exists in the Websense\bin or (v7.6 or later) \Websense\Web Security\bin folder.

    •  The LogServer.ini file may not be created when UAC (User Account Control) is enabled.
  3. Disable the UAC.
  4. Uninstall the Log Server Service.
  5. Reinstall the Log Server Service.
    • Right click on the Websense installer and choose Run As Administrator.

Error “Initialization: -1” is seen. This issue can be caused by a corrupt .p12 file:

  1. Start Log Server in Console mode and check the error message.
    • Open a DOS window, navigate to the \Websense\bin or (v7.6 or later) \Websense\Web Security\bin directory, and type: LogServer -c

    • The following Console output is displayed:
Starting New Diagnostics...
Diagnostics port is 55924
Begin RunApp
DEBUGFILE complete
!!!Failed to initialize auto enroller

Failed to open CommProxy
Failed to open Comm Framework :

Error in initialization: -1
Entering Stop()
PostThread Complete

      2.    Ensure the Websense Log Server service is stopped.
      3.    Delete the LogServer.exe.p12 file in the \Websense\bin or (v7.6 or later) \Websense\Web Security\bin directory.
      4.    Restart DNS client / DNS server.
      5.    Start Websense Log Server service.

Error “Initialization: -1” can also be caused by an incorrect cache file path location in the Log Server Configuration settings tab:

  1. Launch the Log Server Configuration tool from the Start Menu (Programs >  Websense > Log Server Configuration) and click on the Settings tab.  Note:  In v7.7, open the Web Security management console, navigate to Settings > Reporting > Log Server and click Log Cache Files (see screenshot below).
  2. Verify that the Cache file path location matches the actual folder path on your installation. 

User-added image

  1. Update the path if necessary, apply the changes and then restart the Websense Log Server service.

Notes & Warnings

For additional questions concerning Log Server For more information running Websense services on Windows 2008 server
  • Running Websense utilities on Windows 2008 machines
  • For version 7.6 or later, the default directory for 'new' installs is C:\Program Files\Websense\Web Security\ (32-bit machines) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Websense\Web Security\ (64 bit machines). The directory for upgrades to v7.6 is C:\Program Files\Websense\.


Additional Errors with UAC enabled:
  • Not able to make changes in the logserver setup such as enabling webcatcher.
  • Error:  Application Crash with the logserver.exe ntddll.dll

Additional Errors with v7.7:
  • Disk space low
  • Cache directory contains more than 100 cache files
  • The log data ETL job was not completed successfully