Content Gateway subscription download failed: error connecting (4)

Article Number: 000006290
Products: V-Series, Web Security and Filter, Web Security Gateway
Versions: 7.7

Problem Description

Why am I receiving the following error message in the Content Gateway manager?
Content Gateway subscription download failed: error connecting (4)


This error may happen if you have the P2 inteface enabled on the V-Series appliance and you are routing traffic through the P2 to access the internet.  If you receive the error, follow the steps below.
1.  Log into the Content Gateway manager.

2.  Navigate to Configure > Security > Access Control and click 'Edit File'.

2.  Add the following rule.

Rule Type: Allow
Primary Destination Type: dest_domain
Primary Destination Value: .      (Entering a period here represents a wildcard)
Source IP:

3.  Click on Add and Apply.

The error message should now disappear.

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