DSS v7.1 Endpoint Reference Guide

Article Number: 000002400
Products: Data Security
Versions: 7.1

Documentation Overview

Websense’s Data Endpoint is a comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use endpoint information leakage prevention solution. The Data Endpoint monitors real-time traffic and applies customized security policies over application and storage interfaces, as well as, data at rest (Discovery).
Data Endpoint allows security administrators to either block or monitor and log files that present a policy breach. The Data Endpoint creates forensic monitoring that allows administrators to create policies that don’t restrict device usage, but allow full visibility of content traffic.
Working with Websense Data Endpoints entails configuring endpoint profiles via the DSS Manager. The configuration settings defined in the DSS Manager will regulate the behavior of the Endpoint Agents. The Endpoint Agents analyze content within a user’s working environment (PC, laptop, etc…) and block or monitor policy breaches as defined by the endpoint profiles.

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