Industry-leading web security that fits your needs.

Targeted attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and data theft are changing web security. Anti-virus and URL filtering products are no longer enough for complete information security. You need inline, real-time defenses and innovative data loss prevention (DLP) technologies to defend against modern attacks — which may include any combination of the seven stages of advanced threats that lead to data theft.

Websense® web security products provide modern, innovative defenses. They rely upon Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) and the expansive Websense ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud for real-time content analysis. They include forward-thinking features such as advanced threat dashboards, forensic reporting and data capture, sandbox analysis of malware, and data-aware defenses that provide containment of sensitive information. And they are easily managed through the Websense TRITON® Unified Security Center.

Web Security Gateway Anywhere

Websense Web Security Gateway Anywhere, our flagship web gateway proxy, contains enterprise-class DLP and a hybrid on-premises/in-the-cloud architecture.

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Cloud Web Security Gateway

Websense Cloud Web Security Gateway provides all the benefits of a web gateway proxy without the on-premises appliances. It's backed by ISO 27001 certified data centers.

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Web Security

Websense Web Security is an easily deployed non-proxy product with over 100 security and web categories, plus advanced web application and protocol controls on all ports.

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Web Filter

Websense Web Filter is the most accurate and effective web filtering solution available for bandwidth control, compliance, productivity and reporting.

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Web Security Gateway

Websense Web Security Gateway is an on-premises web gateway proxy with an advanced threat dashboard that provides SIEM integration and forensic reporting for security incidents.

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ACE in the Cloud

Websense ACE in the Cloud is a cloud-based service that can be easily deployed to existing network security infrastructures that lack real-time defenses.

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Cloud Web Security

Websense Cloud Web Security is a transparent, non-proxy cloud-based service backed by ISO 27001 certified data centers. It provides more than 100 security and web categories.

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TRITON RiskVision

Websense TRITON RiskVision is an easy-to-deploy solution that adds unmatched threat monitoring to your web security solution.

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