Leading integration and innovation of web, email and data security.

Get dynamic threat defenses, advanced data protection and compliance in a unified solution.

Best-in-class security with a unified architecture. Websense® TRITON® security solutions offer point-of click protection with inline, real-time defenses from Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine). ACE unites seven security defenses assessment areas into a composite scoring model using predictive analysis. These unmatched real-time defenses are backed by the Websense ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud — the world's largest security intelligence network — and the expertise of Websense Security Labs™ researchers.

Data theft and data loss prevention (DLP) built-in at the core. Unlike competitive offerings, TRITON solutions contain DLP in their DNA. The TRITON architecture uniquely leverages DLP as a defense and for compliance. Email gateways include DLP defenses at the core, and our most advanced web gateway provides full DLP policy controls and containment defenses. Forensic reporting provides incident details and data capture on security incidents and is easily accessible from an advanced threat dashboard. DLP endpoint protection functions off network and uses registered (fingerprinted) data for Windows and Mac OS systems. Portable decryption secures data from endpoints on USB devices and portable media.

Platform of choice and performance. Depending on the size of your organization, you can deploy software, an appliance or cloud services, or a hybrid solution with the ability to host web, email and data security on one platform. Hybrid design enables appliance and cloud security for a perfect mix to equally protect offices and remote users with ACE security defenses.

Future expansion as desired, or cost-saving suites today. Investing in TRITON solutions comes with a future to expand security defenses over web, email, data and mobile security. Looking for a leading proxy web gateway, integrated DLP as a defense and for compliance, plus advanced malware defenses and malware sandboxing analysis tools? You can get all three from Websense, rather than settling for three vendors that can't offer the integration, innovation and reduced costs provided by the TRITON architecture.

Consider one of our TRITON solution suites below, or get started with one or more solutions for web, email, data and mobile security, secure in the knowledge that it all fits together down the road.

TRITON Enterprise

Our most comprehensive information security solution provides web security, email security, data security and DLP in a hybrid appliance and in-the-cloud deployment.

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TRITON Security Gateway

An appliance-based deployment provides industry-leading web security with email security that has built-in DLP capabilities.

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TRITON Security Gateway Anywhere

Get web security and email security, both with built-in DLP capabilities, deployed in a hybrid of appliance and in-and-cloud environments.

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TRITON ThreatScope

Get additional defenses for the most advanced, targeted zero-day threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs), including sandboxing and forensic reporting.

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