See into the advanced threats and data theft that traditional defenses miss.

Websense® TRITON® RiskVision™ combines real-time advanced threat defenses, global security intelligence, file sandboxing and data loss/data theft detection into a threat monitoring appliance. It's a solution that provides actionable insight into threats — well beyond the capabilities of traditional defenses.

Easy to deploy via a network TAP or SPAN port, TRITON RiskVision provides immediate visibility into advanced threats, data exfiltration and infected systems. It’s deployed on Websense V-Series™ appliances using TRITON management and reporting servers.

Top Features

  • The seven defense assessment areas in the Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) use composite scoring and predictive analysis to provide real-time threat detection. More than 10,000 analytics enable signature-less threat detection beyond the capabilities of traditional defenses.
  • Global threat awareness from the Websense ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud provides insight into the latest threats by analyzing up to 5 billion web, email and social networking requests per day.
  • Integrated Websense data loss prevention (DLP) technology enables TRITON RiskVision to detect data theft attempts and potential data loss. It includes unique advanced features such as OCR of text within images, awareness of geo-location destination, and detection of criminal encrypted uploads, password file data theft, and slow data leaks ("drip" DLP). Other highlights include detection of registered or described data using natural language processing, advanced machine learning and more than 1,700 policies and templates.
  • Integrated Websense ThreatScope® file sandboxing provides behavioral analysis of threats. An advanced threat dashboard provides actionable forensic detail on who was attacked, what data was attacked, where the data was destined, and how the attack was executed. Security incidents include data theft capture when possible, and forensic details can be exported to SIEM solutions.
  • Includes more than 60 pre-defined and customizable reports for web threats, activity and usage; additional reports for data theft and data loss incidents provide actionable insight into all web activity.