Data Theft Prevention (DTP) enables you to secure critical data, grow and innovate with confidence in this age of disruptive change.

Three Reasons More Global Firms Rely on Websense

How Websense is different

  • We can stop threats no one has seen before
  • Our containment defenses stop data leaks
  • We provide this protection in real time
  • We provide protection for your data everywhere

Going beyond security solutions

Many security solutions are overly dependent on ‘technology’ alone. A critical weak link has always been the end user. Whether by accident or malicious intent, companies need to protect themselves from employees who will inevitably make profound errors of judgment. Websense provides real-time feedback to educate and motivate end-users to avoid risky behavior.

Cyber threats continue to evolve. Websense gives our environment a high level of protection and visibility into malware coming in from the Internet.

- Mark Freed
Director of Global Information and Cyber Security, FMC Technologies

Websense Products

TRITON® APX Products

Customize your security solution with TRITON APX to proactively defend against inbound and outbound threats. Protect your critical data from Web, email and endpoint risks with advanced protection across all 7 stages of the Kill Chain.

Optimize your security with new expansion modules that include powerful features such as URL and file sandboxing, image analysis and mobile security.

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Already using Websense security?

Your current installation is fully compatible and expandable with TRITON APX products and modules.

TRITON RiskVision

Identify previously invisible Advanced Threats and data theft attempts in a single appliance via a network TAP or a SPAN port to minimize risk exposure.

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Web Filter & Security

Websense Web Filter & Security protects your network and resources against the latest threats and provides policy enforcement for productive Web use.

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Websense Services

Strategic Consulting

Leverage the intellectual capital and expertise behind our TRITON solutions for clear, actionable advice to maximize your security posture.

Technical Security Expertise

Realize the best return on your Websense security investment with our Technical Optimization, Data Security Program Design and Data Security Policy Evaluation consultation services.

Threat Intelligence

Identify threat trends in your business vertical and geolocation, get actionable analytics of your security posture and optimize implementation with our Threat Diagnostic, Threat Landscape and Forensic Analysis services.

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