Get the Websense® 2014 Security Predictions Report

Every fall, Websense® Security Labs™ researchers predict the key threats your organization should prepare for in the coming year.

Their eight predictions for 2014 are as follows:

  • Advanced malware volume will decrease.
  • A major data-destruction attack will happen.
  • Attackers will be more interested in cloud data than your network.
  • Redkit, Neutrino and other exploit kits will struggle for power in the wake of the Blackhole author arrest.
  • Java will remain highly exploitable and highly exploited — with expanded repercussions.
  • Attackers will increasingly lure executives and compromise organizations via professional social networks.
  • Cybercriminals will target the weakest links in the “data-exchange chain.”
  • Mistakes will be made in “offensive” security due to misattribution of an attack’s source.

You can use these insights to review current defenses, identify security gaps and prepare new safeguards.

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