Seven Stages of Advanced Threats & Data Theft

Targeted attacks are now well beyond traditional URL+AV defenses, and forward facing defenses do not provide containment against data theft and cybercrime call-home communications. In addition, cloud apps, mobility and remote users are increasing SSL use that is often a blind spot for many defenses. Change is the only constant in the IT security world and being educated on threat stages, defenses, and effectiveness is paramount.

Join us on August 8th to learn about the seven stages for advanced threats and data theft, why current defenses fail, and what defense layers you should use to protect your network, resources, and data. In this webcast you will learn:

Key Topics will Include:

  • Seven stages of advanced threats
  • Security architecture requirements
  • Why current defenses are failing
  • Seven defense assessments of ACE
  • New advanced threat & data theft defenses.
  • New malware sandbox services
  • Proof points and customer results
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