Research shows Web2.0@Work is here to stay

IT professionals can now say Yes!

A global survey of IT managers revealed that use of Web 2.0 is already pervasive in business, despite the fact that most organizations lack the security to protect against Web 2.0 threats. Balancing the benefits and risks of Web 2.0 does not have to be a struggle. Check out the resources below to learn how businesses can enable the safe use of Web 2.0, and join in the discussion by visiting the Web2.0@Work - Powered by Websense page on Facebook.

Free resources to help you enable safe use of Web2.0@Work

Analyst Report on Web 2.0 Best PracticesIDC Report on Web 2.0 Best Practices
Learn best practices for enabling safe access to Web 2.0 in the workplace.

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New Websense White Paper: Web 2.0 Security
Best practices for securing Web 2.0 with the Websense Web Security Gateway

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Web 2.0@Work SurveyWeb 2.0@Work Survey
Read the full report to understand the state of Web 2.0 security in organizations around the world.

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Web2.0@Work WebcastWeb2.0@Work Webinar: Survey Results
Hear the remarkable results of one recent survey of 1300 IT managers around the world.

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Web2.0@Work WebcastYes! Web2.0@Work Webinar: Best Practices
Learn best practices for embracing Web 2.0 in your organization securely.

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Web2.0 @Work - Interview with Michael Osterman, principal and founder, Osterman Research