The web has changed since you bought SurfControl Web Filter*.

Web security now requires much more than a URL filtering product. Consider the following information from the Websense Security Labs™ 2012 Threat Report:

  • 82% of malicious websites are hosted on compromised hosts
  • 55% of data-stealing malware communications are web-based
  • 43% of the activity inside Facebook is categorized as streaming media
  • 60% of phishing attacks are hosted in the United States
  • 92% of email spam contains a web link

It's clear your organization's security concerns go beyond preventing employee access to inappropriate websites. Your organization and its employees now face advanced threats delivered dynamically from the web and from email – and usually from both in what's known as a blended threat.

And to make information security matters more complex, these advanced attacks happen in seven stages: Reconnaissance, lures, redirects, exploit kits, dropper files, call-home communications and data theft. (We even wrote a white paper on the topic.)

To protect your organization from today's threats at all seven stages, you need more than a great web filter — you need web security. And Websense knows the web better than anyone.

Our web security products offer:

  • Over 100 web categories, including Education Video, Viral Video, and Entertainment Video.
  • Over 250 web application and protocol controls, including 11 controls for Facebook.
  • Over 170 Real-Time Security Updates™ in over 50 languages published per day.
  • Real-time inline security, data and content classifiers within Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine).
  • Inbound and outbound defenses against advanced attacks and data theft.
  • The Websense ThreatSeeker® Network, with more than 900 million real-time data collecting systems (including Facebook) analyzing 3-5 billion pieces of content daily.

Why you should consider upgrading to Websense web security.

*Learn more about our acquisition of SurfControl here and here.