There is Safety in Numbers

Especially our numbers

The internet has changed since you bought SurfControl Web Filter. In order to protect your organization from the latest web and email threats you need more than a great web filter — you need security. And Websense knows the web better than anyone, so we are ready to help protect you.

According to our Websense Security Labs™ 2012 Threat Report:

  • 82% of malicious websites are hosted on compromised hosts
  • 55% of data-stealing malware communications are web-based
  • 43% of the activity inside Facebook is categorized as streaming media
  • 50% of malware connections lead to the United States
  • 60% of phishing attacks are hosted in the United States
  • 92% of email spam contains a web link

Advanced attacks can be described in six stages:

  • Lures
  • Redirects
  • Exploit kits
  • Dropper files
  • Call-home communications
  • Data theft

Here's how it works: A video lure in Facebook or a web lure about "breaking news" or a realistic email lure about package delivery status sends unsuspecting users onto a cybercrime path straight to an exploit kit. The exploit kit finds vulnerabilities and delivers malware dropper files. Once successfully inside a compromised computer, call-home activities update malware and expand the reach of the attack from one person's system to many within the compromised network. The resulting data theft can be low and slow to avoid detection (often packaged with criminal encryption). And the fact that many networks only have forward-facing defenses — which only look at inbound traffic — makes it almost impossible to detect and stop.

More than 80 percent of attacks require multi-stage defenses for protection. URL filtering should be upgraded to web gateways that have real-time defenses as cybercrime leverages dynamic delivery, content, and call-home techniques. The importance of web gateways with real-time defenses that analyze both inbound and outbound traffic for the six phases of advanced threats is more important now than ever before.

Websense web security covers:

  • Over 100 web categories, including Education Video, Viral Video, and Entertainment Video
  • 250+ web application and protocol controls, including 11 specific controls for Facebook
  • 50+ languages with over 170+ Real-Time Security Updates™ published per day
  • Real-time inline security, data, and content classifiers with Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine)
  • Inbound and outbound defenses against advanced attacks and data theft

Only Websense protects you with the Websense ThreatSeeker® Network:

  • More than 850 million real-time data collecting systems to parse 3-5 billion pieces of content daily
  • Facebook integration, plus social networking and blog sites with Websense Defensio™
  • About 40 million websites are mined and analyzed every hour for malicious content
  • More than 10 million unsolicited spam, phishing, and exploit campaigns captured every day
  • More than 2 million domains, networks, IP addresses, and hosts are assigned reputations every hour