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Help | Content Gateway | Version 8.0.x
The options defined in the wccp.config configuration file control the use of WCCP with Content Gateway. Entries should be defined and maintained using the editor provided on Configure > Networking > WCCP.
Administrators should have a good working knowledge of WCCP.
Only WCCP v2 is supported.
It is recommended that you consult the documentation and the manufacturer's support site for information regarding optimal configuration and performance of your WCCP v2 device. Most devices should be configured to take best advantage of hardware-based redirection. With Cisco devices, the most recent version of IOS is usually best.
For every active WCCP service group, there must be a corresponding ARM NAT rule. See ARM.
For a complete description of Content Gateway support for WCCP v2, see Transparent interception with WCCP v2 devices.
Displays a table of the service groups defined in the wccp.config file. WCCP service group configuration defines WCCP behavior. Column fields are explained in the Configuration Editor entries below.
Opens wccp.config in the configuration file editor.
Enable this option to cause the WCCP configuration (wccp.config) to be synchronized in the cluster. This allows configuration changes to be made on any node in the cluster.
Disable this option to cause the WCCP configuration to not be synchronized in the cluster. This requires that changes to the WCCP configuration be made individually on each node. A common use case for this is to control which service groups are enabled/disabled on each node, and to use proportional load distribution with weight.
Select ASA Firewall to specify that traffic is routed to the proxy by a Cisco ASA firewall. When this option is selected, GRE is automatically selected as the Packet Forward Method and Packet Return Method. These settings are required and cannot be changed.
Important: GRE and Multicast are incompatible.
Important: If you change the forward or return method configuration while there is an active connection with the WCCP device, in order to re-negotiated the method you must force the current connection to terminate. Typically, this means turning off the service group on the WCCP device for 60 seconds. See the documentation for your WCCP device.
Note: If Content Gateway is configured with a Forward/Return method that the router does not support, the proxy attempts to negotiate a method supported by the router.
Note: Selecting L2 requires that the router or switch be Layer 2-adjacent (in the same subnet) as Content Gateway.
This option is only useful when Synchronize in the Cluster is disabled.
Specifies the distribution of requests to servers in a cluster by proportional weighting. Set weight to a value that is the desired proportion of the total flow of traffic.
When IP spoofing is enabled, the proxy advertises a reverse service group for each enabled WCCP forward service group. The reverse service group must be applied along the return path of origin server responses to the proxy.
Important: Cannot be used with GRE packet Forward/Return method.

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