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Editing roles
Administrator Help | TRITON AP-WEB and Web Filter & Security | Version 8.0.x
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Delegated administrators can use the Delegated Administration > Edit Role page to view the list of clients managed by their role, and the specific reporting permissions granted.
Super Administrators can use this page to select the administrators and clients for a role, and to set administrator permissions, as described below. Only unconditional Super Administrators can delete administrators and clients from a role.
Change the role Name and Description, as needed.
The name of the Super Administrator role cannot be changed.
Open the Add Administrators page. See Adding Administrators.
Add and delete Managed Clients for the role.
Changes can be made by Super Administrators only. Delegated administrators can view the clients assigned to their role.
Opens the Add Managed Clients page. See Adding managed clients.
Use the Deployment Status Permissions area to indicate whether administrators in this role can Access the Status > Deployment page to see information about the status of the components in your deployment.
If you grant delegated administrators access to the page, also select whether they can Start components or Stop components.
Use the Reporting Permissions area to select the features available to administrators in this role who have reporting access.
(TRITON AP-WEB only) Allows administrators to view files associated with threat activity, and review information about attempts to send the files. See Configuring forensics data storage.
When you are finished making changes, click OK to cache the changes and return to the Delegated Administration page. Changes are not implemented until you click Save and Deploy.

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