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Error Messages
Error Messages
Help | Content Gateway | Version 7.8.x
Websense Content Gateway error messages
The following table lists messages that can appear in system log files. This list is not exhaustive; it describes warning messages that can occur and might require your attention. For information about warning messages not included in the list below, go to www.websense.com and then navigate to Support and Knowledge Base.
Process fatal errors
Logfile error: error_number
Bad cluster major version range version1-version2 for node IP address connect failed
can't open config file filename for reading custom formats
connect by disallowed client IP address, closing connection
Could not rename log filename to rolled filename
Did this_amount of backup still to do remaining_amount
Different clustering minor versions version 1, version 2 for node IP address continuing
log format symbol symbol_name not found
Contact Websense Technical Support. Go to www.websense.com/support/ for Technical Support contact information
Unable to open log file filename, errno=error_number
Too many errors accessing disk disk_name: declaring disk bad
No cache disks specified in storage.config file: cache disabled
The Content Gateway storage.config file does not list any cache disks. Content Gateway is running in proxy-only mode. You must add the disks you want to use for the cache to the storage.config file (see storage.config).
No value is specified for the WCCP interface. In the Content Gateway manager, check Configure > Networking > WCCP > General, or assign a value to proxy.local.wccp2.ethernet_interface in records.config.
There is a format or configuration error in ipnat.conf. In the Content Gateway manager, go to Configure > Networking > ARM > General and click Edit File to view and correct ipnat.conf.

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Error Messages
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