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Category list
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The cloud service uses the Master Database, which organizes similar websites (identified by URLs and IP addresses) into categories. Each category has a descriptive name, like Adult Material, Gambling, or Peer-to-Peer File Sharing.
The categories include the following:
Advanced Malware Command and Control focuses on outbound network transmissions from a compromised machine to a malicious command and control center
Advanced Malware Payloads focuses on inbound network transmissions of payloads intended to exploit a machine
Mobile Malware focuses on malicious websites and applications that are designed to run on mobile devices
Unauthorized Mobile Marketplaces focuses on websites that potentially distribute applications that are unauthorized by the mobile operating system manufacturer, the handheld device manufacturer, or the network provider. (Traffic to websites in this category may be a sign of a jailbroken or rooted device.)
You can also create your own, custom categories or import a custom category file (in CSV format) to group sites of particular interest to your organization (see Configure custom categories). Together, the Master Database categories and user-defined categories form the basis for Internet filtering.
Go to the Web > Settings > Master URL Database Categories link in the cloud portal to see an up-to-date list of Master Database categories.
To suggest that a site be added to the Master Database, use the Forcepoint Site Lookup Tool. To access the tool:

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