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Installation and upgrade
Topic 70038 | Release Notes | Email Security Gateway | Version 7.8.x | Updated: 22-Oct-2013
If you are installing Email Security Gateway for the first time, see Installing Websense Appliance-Based Solutions.
If you are upgrading from a previous version of Email Security Gateway, see Upgrading Email Security Gateway Solutions.
Email Security Gateway is supported only on a Websense V-Series appliance (V10000 G2, V10000 G3, or V5000 G2).
You can also deploy Email Security Gateway on a virtual appliance. Download the image file (WebsenseESGA780Setup_VA.ova) from the MyWebsense downloads page. See the virtual appliance Quick Start Guide for deployment information.
Appliance clusters may include a mix of V10000 G2 and V10000 G3 appliances. Please contact Websense Technical Support for help if you want to deploy this type of appliance cluster.
You cannot cluster a V-Series appliance with a virtual appliance.
The TRITON management server and Email Security Log Server are hosted on a separate Windows Server machine (this server must be running an English language instance of Windows Server). Microsoft SQL Server is used for the Email Security log database. This version introduces support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. See System requirements for this version for detailed information.
Web browser support
Email Security Gateway v7.8 supports the use of the following Web browsers:
Database conversion with upgrade
The upgrade process includes a conversion task for existing database files. Any v7.7.x data in the current database partition will be converted after the upgrade operation is complete. Data in other partitions will be converted during a database maintenance job scheduled for midnight after the upgrade.
This job may take a few hours, depending on the number and size of the partitions.
The Message Log displays the following status information for v7.7.x messages until the conversion is complete:

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