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Websense TRITON Enterprise v7.6.x

Websense software provides filtering in TCP/IP-based networks only. If your network uses both TCP/IP and non-TCP protocols, only those users in the TCP/IP portion of your network are filtered.
A DNS server is used to resolve requested URLs to an IP address. Websense software or your integration product requires efficient DNS performance. DNS servers should be fast enough to support Websense filtering without becoming overloaded.
If Websense software is configured to apply user- and group-based policies, User Service queries the directory service for user information. Although these users and group relationships are cached by Websense software, directory service machines must have the resources to respond rapidly if Websense software requests user information. See System Requirements for supported directory services.
For information on configuring Websense software to communicate with a supported directory service, see the TRITON - Web Security Help. Websense software does not need to run on the same operating system as the directory service.
The ability to connect to resources such as the DNS server and directory services is critical to Websense software. Network latency must be minimized if Filtering Service is to perform efficiently. Excessive delays under high load circumstances can impact the performance of Filtering Service and may cause lapses in filtering.