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Websense TRITON Enterprise v7.6.x

If you have changed the IP address of the TRITON management server, you must complete the following steps to update the Tomcat configuration for the TRITON -Web Security or TRITON - Email Security module.
Tomcat configuration for TRITON Infrastructure and TRITON - Data Security is done automatically when configuring to new IP address, host name, or domain. See Configuring TRITON Infrastructure to new IP address, host name, or domain.
This procedure involves editing configuration files. Before editing any file make a backup copy of it. This allows you to revert to original, unmodified files if any issues arise.
<Installation folder>\Web Security\tomcat\conf\
<Installation folder>\Email Security\ESG Manager\tomcat\conf\
Using the Windows Services console (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services), restart the service for the module you want to update: